7 Styles of Plus Size Jeans Perfect for the Summer!

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Shopping for jeans may not be anyone’s favorite pastime, but it is practically a plus size woman’s nightmare. Hunting for a comfortable pair of jeans that also fit all your swerves is exhausting. However, even after you find a pair that suffices, there isn’t much variety. Thankfully, more brands are starting to meet the needs of consumers with differing body types.

As jeans are classic clothing that never really goes out of style, they’re a wardrobe staple that works throughout all seasons. Finding a comfortable pair can be a bit of a challenge, we know and definitely understand. But don’t fret, we’ve found a few brands and styles to add to your wardrobe that you, your wardrobe, and your body will love.

When we look at some of the summer denim trends, you can expect to find these trends (happily) make its way into plus size jeans. So, what style could we expect for the summer? Well, we are happy to help, share, and show as well as share some of the top rated options from some of our favorite brands!

Summer Denim Trends to Find in Plus Size Jeans:

  • Barrel
  • Cuffed
  • Cargo
  • Dark Wash
  • Relaxed
  • Straight Leg
  • Wide Leg

Top Rated Plus Size Jeans Perfect for the Summer

If you are looking for more information and fit tips around plus size jeans, make sure you check out our Denim 101 Style Guide to help you better navigate and shop for your plus size jeans in confidence.

Being plus size does not mean you should have to sacrifice comfort, style, or wearing jeans at all. These options will not only fit, but they will keep you on trend and true to your personal style!

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