Crazy Avengers cameo Marvel wanted

One of the great things about Deadpool 3 is that it’s the first MCU movie in a long time whose full plot remains unknown. It’s actually a first for the Multiverse Saga for a movie’s story to remain secret for so long. Yes, some plot details got away. But Marvel confirmed most of them with the trailers and teaser clips it released so far.

Most of those trailer-confirmed leaks are tied to the overall gist of the film. Deadpool 3 is a multiverse adventure.

That’s something we expected from Deadpool & Wolverine even before we got an official release date. It’s the only way to get Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the same MCU movie. Not only that, but to potentially have them return to Avengers movies, including Secret Wars.

Also, you don’t need to follow all the leaks and rumors to realize that Deadpool & Wolverine gives Marvel a big chance to do certain things that aren’t possible in most movies. It gets to redo the magic of Spider-Man: No Way Home and pack plenty of exciting cameos from a different universe. In this case, it’s the Fox X-Men movies. Deadpool 3 will link the Fox Marvel universe to the MCU.

Now’s when I tell you that big spoilers might follow below. Marvel has done a great job preventing big Deadpool 3 plot leaks so far. But an insider has just spoiled a mind-blowing secret about a crazy credits scene cameo that Marvel wanted for Deadpool 3. You’ll want to stop reading now if you hate spoilers.

Some two months ago, almost all the leakers in the industry were talking about a mind-blowing Deadpool 3 credits scene that they dared not spoil.

MyTimeToShineHello said on X that “the post credit scene in Deadpool & Wolverine is so mind blowing I can’t believe they were able to pull this off without anyone knowing.” She never expanded on that leak, and soon enough, the Deadpool 3 credits scene buzz died.

I’ll point out that almost all credit scenes for the Multiverse Saga movies have leaked well ahead of their premieres. It looked like Deadpool 3 would be an exception. Well, it still does. The Deadpool & Wolverine credits leak of late June doesn’t actually explain what happens in the credits scene. It just mentions the crazy cameo that Marvel reportedly wanted in Deadpool 3: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

Marvel insider Daniel Richtman said on X that RDJ’s cameo in a Deadpool & Wolverine credits scene did not work out. He said Iron Man appearing in Deadpool 3 would be both a build-up to Avengers: Secret Wars and “a payoff to another scene that is still in the film.” Richtman didn’t spoil that scene, and whether he was referring to the credits scene is unclear. It makes sense to assume that’s the case.

A different insider made the connection between Richtman’s spoiler and the Deadpool 3 credits scene rumors from late April:

The good news here is that the Deadpool 3 credits scene is still a secret. I’d also expect it to be equally mind-blowing, even without RDJ.

As for RDJ returning to play Iron Man in the MCU, I think the matter has long been settled at Marvel. The actor has recently started changing tune when asked whether he’d reprise his Tony Stark role. He’s no longer denying a return as vehemently as he did after Endgame.

Like No Way Home and Deadpool & Wolverine, Secret Wars will also give Marvel a unique chance to pull off a spectacular feat. It will be able to bring together superheroes from Sony, Fox, and MCU movies. You can’t do that without bringing back RDJ and other original Avengers.

Yes, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is also rumored to return. I hope that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will also come back in some capacity.

I’ll also say that it would have been a remarkable stunt to have RDJ cameo in Deadpool 3. Remember that Marvel revealed the Wolverine cameo, who turned out to be a co-protagonist, from the day Reynolds announced the film’s original release date. Teasing that Iron Man will be back for more Avengers actions in Secret Wars would have been on point.

Finally, remember that Deadpool 3 will be a multiverse story. Even if Iron Man were to show up, it wouldn’t be a guarantee that it’s the Tony Stark we know and love from the main MCU reality.

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