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What’s silhouette got to do with building your personal style and making getting dressed faster and easier each morning?

It’s one of the key components to style that works for you.  Silhouettes relate to body shapes, when you know your best silhouette even when fashions change you can more easily figure out how to adapt your style choices to the new fashions.

There are just three basic silhouettes:

The column or vertical rectangle – this is the basic silhouette that flatters H shapes, O shapes

The fit and flare (hourglass) – this is the basic silhouette that flatters X shapes, A shapes, V shapes

The waisted column – this is the basic silhouette that flatters 8 shapes

The I shape body which is the body shape of most models, is able to wear all silhouettes, which is why the I shape is the body shape of so many models as they are the chameleon of shapes and can work with all silhouettes.

When you know which of these is your best silhouette, dress with this silhouette in mind in every outfit.  Your best silhouette will make choices easy when shopping,  you can stop looking at everything and just focus on the garments that will help you create your best silhouette.three basic clothing silhouettes - choose the one that flatters your figure then use it to create outfits each day

Create Your Silhouette Uniform

This is nothing like a school uniform, it’s more about having a bunch of clothing that you can wear as foundations for many different outfits.  It could be a fantastic pair of jeans, a pair of dressier trousers and a skirt for your bottoms, then maybe a dress in your ideal silhouette plus some jackets or outer layers that 

If you’re an X, A or V shape, you might look for wide-leg trousers and jeans.  Plus find some great a-line skirts and a fit and flare dress.

If you’re an H, O or 8 Shape, look for straight leg, jeans and pants and straight skirts made from comfy, stretchy fabrics.

column silhouette outfit

Column or rectangle silhouette outfit

These are your starting pieces.

Then look for tops that fit and flatter your body.  This is where you may need to refer to other aspects of your physicality to make your best choices.  Your best neckline relates to the shape of your jaw (you can find out more about that here).   How you wear your tops may be related to your shape as well, whether you want to tuck, half-tuck or wear tops out (check out my tucking tips here).

Know that oversized tops don’t work for the fit and flare shapes as you lose your waist in them completely.  Those who suit a column shape can easily wear an oversized top with a slim, straight silhouette bottom half.

Column silhouette - denim skirt, blouse and jacket

Column silhouette skirt outfit

Get Your Body Shape Bible to Find Out Your Optimal Silhouette 

If you’re unsure of your shape, take my body shape calculator quiz and download your Body Shape Bible so that you have the education you need to figure out your silhouette uniform and start curating your wardrobe with the clothes that make you look and feel your best.  If you’d like my professional opinion on your shape, I’d love to have you inside my 7 Steps to Style program which gives you the complete style education you need to be the boss of your style.

Get Dressed Like a Pro The Silhouette Shortcut to Effortless Style


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