6 Best Men’s Leather Bracelets: Cool & Sophisticated in 2024

Though they’ve long been a staple in a woman’s jewelry collection, bracelets haven’t always been such a hit with the guys. Maybe it’s because of their affiliation with yoga gurus. Or perhaps it’s the fault of festival-goers who refuse to wash. Whatever the reason, I think their rep was a touch unfair.

Thankfully, things are changing; the best men’s leather bracelets are now a key addition to any ensemble (just like rings). And they’re being worn by gentlemen of all sartorial preferences—from the peacocks of Pitti Uomo to surfers in Byron Bay.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on adding a little wrist candy to your own collection, keep reading as I round up the styles that are worth investing in.

Key Takeaways

From Harry Styles’ pearls to Paul Mescal’s gold chain (it even had its own Instagram account), men’s jewelry is having a moment. This is why there’s no better time to invest in a leather wrist companion.

Using customer reviews, plus a large dollop of virtual elbow grease, I’ve managed to create a list showcasing six of the best men’s leather bracelets. From Oliver Cabell’s minimalistic version to Fossil’s dual design, these are the cream of the crop—suitable for every budget, style, and occasion.

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Tops among the best men's leather bracelets: Oliver Cabell Gordon Leather Bracelet

Why it’s great: You don’t need to shout to be heard – something Oliver Cabell definitely understands. This super simple but classy bracelet will make a statement without being showy.

Waterproof and surprisingly tough, it’s made from Italian leather and finished with an elegant sterling silver closure (that’s also available in black). Better yet, it comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you full peace of mind whether you’re wearing it to the office or on vacation.

Who is this for? If less is more is your mantra, then the Gordon bracelet is a must-have. It’s subtle but effective and can be worn alone or with other styles. It fits all wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches. It’s simply and elegantly one of the best men’s leather bracelets out there.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Fumbling fingers might find it a little tricky to fasten at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Material: Leather, Sterling Silver | Style: Rope | Colors Available: 2

Roderer Enzo Bracelet

Why it’s great: Fuss-free and forever timeless, this is a simple, sophisticated piece that can be worn with all of your week-to-weekend looks—whether it’s smart suiting or a hoodie and sweatpants. The leather is grained for subtle character, and the stainless steel matte  black clasp keeps it safely on your wrist.

Who is this for? An uber-versatile design, this will become part of your everyday rotation, just like a simple earring or chain. If you’re looking for the type of bracelet you can wear without worrying about it fitting in with the rest of your outfit, then this is a brilliant option.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It has quite a rigid style, making it feel more like a bangle than your average leather bracelet. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it might not appeal to those who prefer their jewelry to be a little more relaxed.

Material: Leather, Stainless Steel | Style: Grained | Colors Available: 1

Murtoo Multi-Layer Braided Bracelet

Why it’s great: Not only is this leather bracelet cheap, but it also has a multi-layered design so it looks like you’re rocking several different pieces—when in reality you’ve had to buy only one.

Made from leather with a fuss-free stainless steel clasp, it’s available in various sizes to fit all wrists without feeling tight or loose. This product really covers all other bases, making it one of the best men’s leather bracelets.

Who is this for? Want the look of wearing multiple bracelets without the expense? This is a great money-saver that’s also more convenient. Plus, the clasp closure is ideal for guys who often struggle with fiddly fastenings.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Opinions are mixed on the clasp, with some reviewers stating that it has a tendency to come undone. I also thought it was a little confusing finding the right size—but that’s more of a website issue.

Material: Leather, Stainless Steel | Style: Multi-layered | Colors Available: 3

Fossil Leather Beaded Bracelet

Why it’s great: A dual design that’s perfect for casual and semi-formal fits, this beaded option from Fossil has one leather bracelet and another featuring beads. Sized to go around the majority of wrists, it’s fastened with a fold-over closure and has subtle branding on the plate that’s at the front.

Who is this for? Thanks to the mid-range price point, it’ll be accessible for the majority of guys. However, I think those after something on the casual side will find it most appealing.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some reviewers complained that the beads were smaller than they had expected. Just something to keep in mind. It’s still one of the best men’s leather bracelets.

Material: Leather, Metal | Style: Dual | Colors Available: 2

ShineSand Personalized Leather Bracelet

Why it’s great: Personalized jewelry can often feel a bit gimmicky, but this bracelet seems to have got it just right. Classic, not corny, it’s made from leather in a braided design that can be personalized with up to seven beads that’ll feature your chosen name or initials.

Who is this for? Not only does it make a fantastic leather gift idea, but it’s also great for guys who want their bracelet to have a deeper meaning. You can personalize it to pay your respects to a departed loved one or perhaps use the names of your children or spouse.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: There’s no way to adjust the size, so make sure you check the dimensions properly before making an order. It’s also worth remembering that using capital letters instead of lowercase is recommended for best readability.

Material: Leather, Metal | Style: Rope | Colors Available: 4

Saint Laurent Cassandre Leather Bracelet

Why it’s great: If you want to flex but in a classy way, Saint Laurent’s Cassandre bracelet is just the ticket. It’s crafted from smooth leather that wraps neatly twice around your wrist, and there’s a silver-tone plate that showcases the brand’s iconic lettering.

This is certainly one of the best men’s leather bracelets. It will work in both casual and formal settings, whether you’re wearing a suit or a T-shirt and jeans.

Who is this for? This is one for the big spenders or lovers of all things designer. It also makes an excellent gift idea for Valentine’s or a special birthday.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Admittedly, it seems like a lot of money to spend for something so subtle, especially as the etched plate isn’t even made from silver.

Material: Leather, Metal | Style: Wrap | Colors Available: 1

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Buying Considerations for the Best Men’s Leather Bracelets


When evaluating the leather quality of a men’s bracelet, prioritize genuine leather or higher grades like full-grain or top-grain leather. These are the types best known for durability and developing a unique patina over time.

You may also want to assess the thickness and suppleness of the leather, aiming to find the perfect balance of durability and comfort.


Choose a bracelet that resonates with your personal style. Consider options such as braided, cuff, wrap, or simple bands, and choose a color that’s versatile and complements your outfits. I’d also suggest paying attention to design details like closures and embellishments.


The top men’s leather bracelet should be snug but comfortable on your wrist. Look for features such as adjustable closures or sizing options to ensure that you find the perfect fit. It also pays to check for potential irritants like rough edges or stiff leather that could cause discomfort during extended wear.

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How We Chose 

From chains to hoop earrings, everyone’s wearing jewelry right now. This is great news for your options, but it does make it harder to separate the good from the bad.

To ensure that I found only the best men’s leather bracelets, I followed strict criteria that analyzed customer feedback and brand reputation, plus versatility and value for money.

Versatility: How versatile is each bracelet? I sought styles that could effortlessly transition between casual and formal settings. I looked for bracelets with timeless designs and neutral colors that could be paired with a variety of outfits.

Price: Quality was paramount when finding the best men’s leather bracelets, but I also made it my priority to find options suitable for various budgets and those that offered excellent value for money.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews helped me to gauge a better understanding of how each leather bracelet fared beyond the screen. I was provided with valuable insights into factors such as comfort, fit, and craftsmanship.

Brand Reputation: I prioritized brands known for their commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship, and customer service. By choosing reputable names with a track record of delivering reliable products, I ensured that only the best men’s leather bracelets were chosen.

Why Trust Us?

With a degree in journalism and some of the industry’s biggest publications on his CV,  Billy Webb is an accomplished fashion writer who has covered a wide range of brands and topics.

He has a passion for finding the next big thing, whether it’s the flyest footwear or watches for small wrists, and gets an even bigger buzz sharing it with his readers.

Though sneakers and baseball caps tend to get him in the most debt, he also admits to spending a worryingly high amount on accessories – which is what made him the ideal candidate to find the best men’s leather bracelets.

Using his experience and a little help from fellow accessory lovers, he has been able to pull together the only list you’ll ever need.

Billy’s approach is thorough and insightful, aiming to equip readers with knowledge and products that enhance their daily lives. His expertise is not just about following trends but also about understanding the nuances of men’s fashion, making his advice and selections reliable and trustworthy.

Final Verdict 

For versatility, value for money, and all-round excellence, you can consider Oliver Cabell’s Gordon design to be one of the best men’s leather bracelets on the market.

Looking just as good with a double-breasted suit as it does with a button-down shirt and jeans, it’s a timeless option that’ll wrap proudly around your wrist for bar trips, summer vacations, and everything in between.


    • Wearing a leather bracelet is a personal choice, but should you choose to wear one, they’re a stylish, versatile accessory that can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

      • Full-grain leather is generally considered the best. It’s prized for its durability, as it retains the entire grain of the hide, making it exceptionally strong and resistant to wear and tear. It also develops a unique patina over time, adding character and charm.

        • Though there is no hard and fast rule, men typically wear bracelets on their non-dominant wrists. This choice allows for ease of movement and comfort since the dominant hand is often more actively used throughout the day. Additionally, wearing the bracelet on the non-dominant wrist reduces the likelihood of interference with tasks and activities.

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