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With the rise of social media, more people—including plus size women—can share their stories and lifestyles. This has made it easier than ever to follow and take advice from individuals who look like you. The presence of these plus size TikTok influencers is not just needed, it is necessary. These influencers pave the way for a more diverse and empowering online space by challenging beauty standards, promoting self-love, and fostering inclusive communities. Social media dominates everything! Meaning the images and messages we consume from social media significantly shape societal norms and perceptions.

How often have you been scrolling on TikTok and wished you could find relatable influencers or content creators? While it’s possible to be influenced by anyone, you never really know if something works for you and your body type. Fortunately, there are several plus size TikTok Influencers for you to discover.

These plus size influencers on TikTok showcase their confidence, style, and talents on various platforms, but these influencers are not only celebrating their bodies but also inspiring others to embrace and love themselves just as they are. To help you out on your own journey, here are seven plus size influencers you should follow on TikTok and why!

We’ve found 7 Plus Size TikTok Influencers to Follow 

Credit: @badbrownskinn/Instagram

Christiana is a plus size fashion and beauty influencer from Texas. She rose to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic for her effortless style and body type inclusivity. The TikToker recently launched a collaboration with SHEIN with plus-size clothing. As a content creator, she is known for her vulnerability making her instantly relatable. Additionally, she often recommends clothing for women who look like her.

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Tabria Majors is a plus size fashion model who launched her career through social media and has since built a significant social media following. She quickly rose to fame after going viral for her Beyoncé-inspired Halloween video in 2020. Since then, she has continued to model in several fashion weeks as a content creator. She posts relevant videos pertaining to topics that mean a lot to her, including motherhood, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. If you are not looking to be directly influenced but want to follow like-minded people, Tabria Majors is the girl for you.

Samyra is a multi-talented TikTok creator with over a million followers. She first gained recognition as a singer, making several viral songs. She then began to advocate for plus size women staunchly by pointing out the lack of inclusivity in several brands. She also uses her platform to show her life as a plus sized person and the struggles she and others like her face. Samyra is a great creator to follow if you want to know where not to shop for cute, stylish clothing.


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♬ Plus-Size Freestyle – Samyra

the plus size community plus size tiktok influencers
Revolve Womens, Remi X Revolve, Daniel Yoon, Jenny Ryf, Remi Bader, Amy Lefevre, Priscilla Del Castillo, Mia Kang

Remi Bader is a plus size fashion influencer to know. She became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her unique approach to clothing made her instantly relatable and trustworthy. Bader became known as the “mid-size influencer.” She would try on straight-sized clothing, ultimately demonstrating that clothing needs to account for the curves of those who wear larger sizes but aren’t quite plus sized. For those who often fluctuate between straight and plus sizes, she is your girl!

Credit: @laurennicolefk/Instagram

If you are looking to up your personal style, Lauren Nicole is the influencer to follow. As a contributor to Cosmopolitan UK, she has the fashion knowledge and experience behind her advice. The self-proclaimed “plus size fashion fairy godmother” gives viewers the inside information for where and how to shop as a curvy girl. Aside from fashion, the TikToker also posts beauty and lifestyle content.

Alana is our resident, “paralyzed fine, babe.” She vlogs GRWM, spinal cord injury, beauty, and fashion. Alana is a beacon of empowerment. With her candid and uplifting content, she’s redefining beauty standards and showing that confidence knows no bounds.

Credits: @naomiheartsxo/ Instagram

Naomi Hearts is a transgender lifestyle influencer who shares her passion for comedy, food, and fashion. Thanks to her content, she has garnered over one million followers. Hearts is unapologetically herself, and we appreciate her for sharing her bright light with the world.

Supporting and following those with similar body types is important to your self-esteem and fashion choices. Spend your time being inspired and follow these plus size TikTok influencers!

These are only 7 of the plus size influencers on TikTok who have caught our attention and who are doing amazing and inspirational things! Do you follow these 7? Who is at the top of your list? Who did we miss? Let us know who we should be following! There are too many good folks out there creating amazing content and we want to support them!

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