If Apple really is serious about health it needs to copy the Samsung Galaxy Ring and soon

Samsung has been teasing the Galaxy Ring for a little while now but the finger-based wearable is now officially official, and we know everything there is to know about it. Samsung shared all the details as part of a press conference that also saw the company announce new Galaxy smartwatches and foldable phones, but its entry into the world of smart rings is what should have put Apple on notice.

There have been recent rumors of the potential for an Apple Ring of late, of course. The Galaxy Ring is far from the first of its kind as well, and I’m a particular fan of the Oura Ring 3 that I’ve been wearing for the last year. But until now the market has been dominated by companies like Oura, relative startups to Apple’s tech behemoth. Now that Samsung’s on board, it’s a whole new ball game — and Apple needs to get involved.

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