July 9-12, 2024 – Steve Pavlina

Yay! We’re doing a new online event this week. You’re invited!

It’s called Bases Loaded, and it’s about a very unique and different approach to life balance, using a baseball diamond metaphor to help you understand the four most important balancing frequencies.

This is short-notice deliberately, so we can get really high alignment for this, meaning little gap between your decision and partaking in the live experience. That matters for the live experience this time.

It starts this Tuesday, July 9 and runs through Friday, July 12, 2024. Each day I’ll host a two-hour Zoom call with you. And you get the recordings as well.

It’s super cheap too, so we ought to have a nice big, lively turnout for this one. People are already signing up for it. You can see the current enrollment at the top of the invite page.

Read the Invite – It’s Pretty Short

When you’re ready to sign up, use this link to enroll (it’s also in the invite above).

Join the Bases Loaded Event

Come join us and burn your excuses since we’ll be working with a lot of fire energy together.

Bases Loaded

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