Stepping Up Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to White Sneakers for Men

The athleisure trend is showing no signs of slowing, we’re definitely good with that. Especially when it comes to footwear. Between the rise of cool, minimalist brands like Veja, and the resurgence of classics from Nike to Vans, white sneakers for men are having a moment. The style has evolved from preppy athletic accessories to an off-duty wardrobe essential for any stylish guy, there’s a lot to be said about adding a dynamic sneaker to your shoe game.

That’s why we’re showing you the best white sneakers for men, and how to wear them. Shop the best white sneakers for men.

white nike killshots

Best gumsole sneaker: Nike Killshot, $90

A sturdy, stylish sneaker you’ll find yourself wearing with everything in your closet.

chuck taylor sneakers

Best high-top: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, $90

A classic. Don’t overthink it.

Ringing up at under $100, you can afford to buy a new pair every few seasons when the canvas gets dingy.

white veja sneakers

Best all-white leather sneaker: Veja V-10, $195

Sleek, classic, and with plenty of tennis court-inspired flair, the V-10 is a low top you’ll feel great about wearing.

true white vans era core classics

Best canvas sneakers: Vans Era Core Classics, $55

The vibes are strong with these classic lace-up Vans. Take care of them, but not too well; they actually look better when worn in a little.

Men’s outfit Ideas for white sneakers

White sneakers can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Below, check out some inspiration for pairing the timeless style of white sneakers with maximum style versatility.

White sneakers outfit: with chinos

There’s just something about this combination that looks so sharp. For an extra stylish oomph, cuff your pants to show off a l’il pop of color with your socks.

White sneakers outfit: with dark pants

Yes, you could go with jeans, of course, but why not try something a little different? Like dark-colored trousers that elevate your white sneakers outfit to something extra special.

White sneakers outfit: with a suit

white sneakers with a suit

Let’s answer the style question once and for all. Can you wear sneakers with a suit? YES.

Whereas in the past, men in a suit and sneakers was mostly reserved for MTV Awards red carpet outfits, in 2024, the look has gone totally mainstream.

For a modern styling, keep the shoes simple, with your pants ending at your ankle to show off your sneakers or breaking slightly over your laces.

What to know about styling white sneakers

  • A streamlined white sneaker means you can take risks with the rest of your outfit. Think: bold colors, or new-to-you trends like pleated pants.
  • If your whole outfit sticks to neutral tones, consider incorporating pops of color through accessories or a bright pair of socks.
  • Want to draw extra attention to your sneakers? Choose a slim or tapered fit for your pants, and cuff them above your ankle. Or, opt for joggers.

Why white sneakers are anything but boring.

A note on what women think about your sneakers: For the most part, women won’t be so totally impressed if you have on a rare, hard-to-find pair of sneakers. But! She will notice if your sneakers don’t go with the rest of your outfit.

Not being thoughtful with your footwear gives women the following ideas:

You don’t put effort into your appearance.

A carefully considered outfit goes from head to toe. Wearing sneakers that look like you didn’t want to bring an extra pair to the gym to change into after your workout — especially on a date — just feels lazy.

If you expect a woman to make an effort with her look, put in the same effort for her!

That you’re in a style rut

Maybe it’s a mental thing. You’re comfortable in your functional sneakers, and that’s why you stick with them. But getting out of your comfort zone is important when it comes to style. Trying new things–like rock climbing, or anchovies–can be scary, but what if you find out you really like that previously unknown thing? You would totally regret not having tried it!

Same goes for better sneakers.

The great thing is, there are baby steps to this change that will be so itsy-bitsy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Start with a pair of casual, walk-around sneakers instead of running sneakers.

Once you start upping your style game you’ll see how easy it is, and you’ll be wearing driving moccasins, chukka boots and backless clogs in no time. Take a step into a new shoe and you’ll walk onto a new path of life: a more stylish one.

An outfit is everything you’re wearing, including shoes. Sporting a mismatched outfit says that you don’t care what other people think about your appearance, and I’m pretty sure that kind of fashion disdain stopped being cool around ’95. Putting some pride into your look tells a girl you’re not afraid of caring about your appearance, which is good, because any guy that I’m going to be interested in has to care about something.

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